Plant Small RNA in Food Crops, Paperback / softback Book

Paperback / softback

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Plant Small RNA for Food Crops provides foundational insights into the role of small RNA in food crops in varying environmental conditions and how it can help in developing molecular frameworks to support agricultural sustainability to feed the world's population.

Small RNA populations have been widely identified in various plants and have been reported to be involved in regulating the molecular functioning of plants and their responses for biotic and abiotic environmental factors.

Until now, however, a detailed compilation of role of small RNAs in food crops growth, yield and environmental responses had been unavailable. This book provides a detailed description of role of various small RNAs whose utilization in a range of food crops may serve to improve sustainability, productivity, and maintenance during environmental stress conditions.

It brings together the reported small RNAs along with their applications specific to food crops, but also covers recent studies, innovations and future perspectives.


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