A Cultural History of Objects, Mixed media product Book

A Cultural History of Objects Mixed media product

Edited by Professor Dan (University of Oxford, UK) Hicks, Revd Dr William (University of Oxford, UK) Whyte

Part of the The Cultural Histories Series series

Mixed media product

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How have objects have been created, used, interpreted and set loose in the world over the last 2500 years?

Over this time, the West has developed particular attitudes to the material world, at the centre of which is the idea of the object.

This set brings together over 50 scholars, in 1776 pages, to examine how the world of human subjects shapes and is shaped by the world of material objects. Chapter titles are identical across each of the volumes.

This gives the choice of reading about a specific period in one of the volumes, or following a theme across history by reading the relevant chapter in each of the six.

The themes (and chapter titles) are: Objecthood; Technology; Economic Objects; Everyday Objects; Art; Architecture; Bodily Objects; Object Worlds. The six volumes cover: 1 - Antiquity (500 BCE to 500 CE); 2 - Medieval Age (500 to 1400); 3 - Renaissance (1400 to 1600); 4 - Age of Enlightenment (1600 to 1760); 5 - Age of Industry (1760 to 1900); 6 - Modern Age (1900 to the present). The Cultural Histories Series A Cultural History of Objects is part of The Cultural Histories Series.

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