Invasive Technification : Critical Essays in the Philosophy of Technology, Hardback Book

Invasive Technification : Critical Essays in the Philosophy of Technology Hardback


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Technology has extended its reach to the human body - not just in a literal sense, through implants, transplants and technological substitutes for biological organs, but in a more figurative sense too.

Technological infrastructure and the instutions of a technified society today determine what perception is, how we communicate and what forms of social life are possible.

A fundamental new conception of technology is therefore required.

Technology can no longer be seen simply as a means of efficiently attaining pre-established ends.

Rather, it needs to be considered as a total structure, something which makes some forms of human action and human relationship possible, while limiting the possibilities of others.

In Intensive Technification, the celebrated German philosopher Gernot Bohme offers a critique of technology that explores the many dimensions in which technology presents problems for modern human beings.

It is a book about the preservation of humanity and humane values under the challenging conditions of a technically advanced civilisation and makes a crucial contribution to our understanding of the issues around the philosophy of technology today.