The Naval Government of Newfoundland in the French Wars : 1793-1815, Hardback Book

The Naval Government of Newfoundland in the French Wars : 1793-1815 Hardback


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Exploring the professional and political ideas of Newfoundland naval governors during the French Wars, this book traces the evolution of the Naval Governorship and administration of the region, shedding a light on a critical period of its early modern history.

Contextualising Newfoundland as part of Britain’s broader Atlantic Empire, Morrow focuses on the years 1793-1815 as it transitioned from a largely migratory fishery and ‘nursery of seaman’ to a colonial settlement with a resident British and Irish population.

With a diversifying economy and growing demography amidst the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, the governors of Newfoundland faced a unique set of challenges.

Drawing upon various primary and secondary sources, Morrow provides a comprehensive account of their responses to the perceived needs of those they governed - both settler and indigenous - and reveals the professional attitudes and attributes they brought to bear on both their civil and military responsibilities.


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