Radiant: Season One - Part One, DVD DVD

Radiant: Season One - Part One DVD

Directed by Seiji Kishi


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First 12 episodes of the Japanese anime based on the comic book series by Tony Valente.

Monsters known as Nemeses drop from the sky and infect everyone within the vicinity, resulting in them becoming cursed.

However, surviving such an attack also means you gain magic abilities and such people become known as Sorcerers.

Teenager Seth (voice of Yumiri Hanamori) is a Sorcerer and dreams of ending the persecution that Sorcerers face from the rest of humanity.

In order to do so he sets out to destroy the Nemeses once and for all by travelling to their place of origin, Radiant.

Along the way he enlists the help of Mélie (Aoi Yuuki) and Doc (Shintarou Oohata).

The episodes are: 'The Young Sorcerer - Seth', 'True Courage - Bravery', 'The Day of Departure - Alma', 'A Meeting in the Sky - Encounter', 'A Paradise of Wisdom and Hope - Artemis', 'Drops of Friendship - Melie', 'The Beast of the Underground Water System - Monster', 'Proof of Strength - Progress', 'Those Who Hunt Heretics - Inquisition', 'Broom of Memories - Memory', 'The City That Roars Like Thunder - Rumble Town' and 'The Shadow Lurking in the City - Darkness'.


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