Rosemary and Thyme: The Complete Series 1-3, DVD DVD

Rosemary and Thyme: The Complete Series 1-3 DVD

Starring Felicity Kendal, Pam Ferris

Directed by Brian Farnham


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The entire three series of the popular ITV drama starring Felicity Kendal and Pam Ferris as the keen gardeners who turn their green fingers to crime detection.

Episodes included are: 'And No Birds Sing', 'Arabica and the Early Spider', 'The Language of Flowers', 'Sweet Angelica', 'A Simple Plot', 'The Tree of Death', 'Memory of Water', 'Orpheus in the Undergrowth', 'They Understand Me in Paris', 'The Invisible Worm', 'The Gongoozlers', 'The Italian Rapscallion', 'Swords into Ploughshares', 'Up the Garden Path', 'In a Monastery Garden', 'Seeds of Time', 'Agua Cadaver', 'Three Legs Good', 'The Gooseberry Bush', 'Raquet Espanol', 'Enter Two Gardeners' and finally 'The Cup of Silence'.