Rough Cut and Ready Dubbed, DVD  DVD

Rough Cut and Ready Dubbed DVD

Directed by Hasan Shah


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Hasan Shah and Dom Shaw's movie of the post-punk period between 1978 and 1981 has been unearthed from an archive after 20 years.

It features the looks, the poses, the rucks, the riots and the slaggings of bands and their fans.

Filmed by a group of spit-covered teenagers, this is not so much a documentary as a series of forays into the opinions of the protagonists of Punk, Mod, Oi, Dance and Ska; the kids on the street, the music, the press and of course, the bands themselves. Originally shot on super 8 and blown up to 16mm, the film retains its rough and ready cut to produce a gem of street level cinema.

It also includes some performances from exponents of Punk, Mod, Oi and Ska all filmed in the same DIY ethic that spawned punk itself.

The film was the winner of the Grierson Award for best documentary on its original theatrical release in 1982.