The Justice System and the Family : Police, Courts, and Incarceration, Hardback Book

The Justice System and the Family : Police, Courts, and Incarceration Hardback

Edited by Sheila Royo (Michigan State University, USA) Maxwell, Sampson Lee (The State University of New York (Buffalo), USA) Blair

Part of the Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research series


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Around the globe, millions of individuals are entangled in justice systems daily.

For individual offenders, contact often begins with the police, frequently leading to court involvement, and for offenders found guilty, to correctional supervision or incarceration.

But how do these encounters affect the family? How do police and justice entanglements result in tremendous strains upon families economically and socially?

Do they endanger family relationships?To better comprehend how involvement at any level of the justice system affects families, this multidisciplinary edited collection focuses on the justice system and the family.

Chapters include topics such as how court processes impact family members and their support networks; how prolonged incarceration impacts children and parenting processes and family coping; how intimate relationships are impacted during and after incarceration including marriage, divorce and partner violence; and, whether system involvement leads to unintended consequences among family members such as heightened fear of crime and victimizations and fears of the police. An enlightening insight into the family dynamics surrounding contact with the justice system, Police, Courts, and Incarceration is interesting reading for researchers and students of family, sociology and criminology.