Ants, Galileo, and Gandhi : Designing the Future of Business through Nature, Genius, and Compassion, Paperback / softback Book

Ants, Galileo, and Gandhi : Designing the Future of Business through Nature, Genius, and Compassion Paperback / softback

Edited by Sissel Waage, Ray Anderson

Paperback / softback

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Although sustainability efforts in business are still a work in progress, it is increasingly clear that key elements of a new generation of enterprises will be radically different from those of our contemporary modern industrial economy.

The core distinctions between what currently exists and what is being created are communicated in this book through the compelling metaphor of Ants, Galileo, and Gandhi. This collection, developed from The Natural Step's conference on Sustainability and Innovation in 2002, provides radical ideas for generating a new perspective on the dynamics of business systems. "Ants" symbolise the lessons to be learned from nature and the dependence of individual beings on broader, complex systems. "Galileo" embodies brilliance in perceiving and proving that the current paradigm is flawed. 'Gandhi' exemplifies exceptional compassion in fighting for fundamental change. All of these attributes are increasingly relevant in a world where, globally, we are experiencing both a steady decline in life-supporting resources and rising demands.

Recognition of these challenges is sparking innovation within the private sector where the first glimmers of systemic change can be seen.

The book examines the emergence of 21st-century enterprises that recognise their reliance on broad social and ecological systems ("ants"), incorporate sparks of genius rooted in rigorous analyses ("Galileo"), and acknowledge the importance of compassion and determination within any endeavour ("Gandhi"). With contributions from Ray Anderson, Gretchen Daily, Karl-Henrik Rob