Squid Girl: Complete Series 1, DVD  DVD

Squid Girl: Complete Series 1 DVD

Starring Hisako Kanemoto, Ayumi Fujimara, Rie Tanaka

Directed by Tsutomu Mizushima


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The complete first series of the anime following the adventures of a girl from the sea who comes ashore to gain revenge on mankind for polluting her natural habitat.

As her name suggests, Squid Girl (voice of Hisako Kanemoto) has both human and squid-like qualities.

Her tentacles allow her to live in both the sea and on land, but much of the choice is taken away from her by the appalling damage wreaked on the sea by humans.

Squid Girl is determined to teach mankind a lesson and duly plans to subjugate the human world to her will.

Unfortunately, she looks set to fail at the first hurdle as a pair of fearsome sisters, Eiko (Ayumi Fujimura) and Chizuru (Rie Tanaka), catch her causing damage to their shop and force her to work for them to pay the debt off.

The episodes are: 'Who's Up for a Squidvasion?', 'Wait a Squid, Aren't You On My Side?', 'Aren't You a Fraidy-Squid?', 'How Much Is That Squiddy in the Window?', 'Not from This Sea, Are You?', 'Up for an Inkredible Hero Stage Show?', 'Focus Your Tentacles On Her!', 'Aren't You a Squiddle Under the Weather?', 'Wanna Doorbell Ditch, Squiddo?', 'Isn't That a Teru Teru Bosquid?', 'I Ink That's a Doll?' and 'You Feeling Lucky, Squid?'.