Nobody Saw No One, EPUB eBook

Nobody Saw No One EPUB


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For fans of Benjamin Zephaniah, Kevin Brooks and Melvyn Burgess, a teen urban adventure from Diverse Voices author Steve Tasane.

A spirited urban adventure set against the backdrop of a troubled care system; Oliver Twist revisited for fans of Benjamin Zephaniah, Kevin Brooks and Melvyn Burgess.
Contemporary London - a gang of shoplifters up Seven Sisters Rd, snatching smartphones and stealing identities... a 'family' of boys long ago lost in the system. Angel-faced Alfi Spar has fled the Tenderness Residential Unit and finds himself on the streets, until his old mate from the home, Citizen Digit, offers him a roof. But their past at Tenderness House is not ready to release them; the boys saw something nobody should see, and the badness is coming after them.
Steve Tasane has a talent for transforming social issues into pacy teen novels brought to life by darkly humorous urban British characters and buzzing with the energy of the streets. His debut novel, Blood Donors, was selected as one of the top 50 Diverse Voices in children's books.