Mindfulness Meditation in Psychotherapy : An Integrated Model for Clinicians, Hardback Book

Mindfulness Meditation in Psychotherapy : An Integrated Model for Clinicians Hardback


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If you're a psychotherapist interested in implementing mindfulness practices into your therapy sessions, The Essential Guide to Mindfulness Meditation in Psychotherapy is a comprehensive manual to get you started.

In this book, psychotherapist Steven Alper presents the mindfulness pyramid model: a multi-dimensional and graphic model for implementing mindfulness in psychotherapy. This practical guide will help demystify mindfulness meditation; elaborate on the psychotherapeutic benefits of practices such as body scan, breath awareness, sitting meditation, and loving kindness; and offer helpful strategies for teaching formal and informal mindfulness skills to clients.

This book conceptualizes and explores the applicability of his mindfulness pyramid model, and delves into the many ways in which mindfulness can manifest and be incorporated in psychotherapy. This is a must-have resource for any therapist.