Pet Friendly, Paperback / softback Book

Pet Friendly Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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"In Sue Pethick s witty and heartwarming debut novel, a sweet dog in need of an owner brings together the perfect candidates " Todd Dwyer, a successful app designer, wasn t planning to adopt a dog, but when his Uncle Bertie dies and leaves his little mutt Archie homeless, Todd can t help welcoming the pooch home. Archie could charm the marrow out of a bone, but Todd s girlfriend Gwen is less than impressed with the instant bond the fluffy white ball of fur makes with her boyfriend.

When things go awry the first night, she insists that Todd give Archie to his sister, Claire, whose rural home is a day s drive away.

Todd and Archie hit the road, but circumstances compel them to make a detour to a quaint hotel run byTodd s childhood friend, Emma Carlisle.

As it happens, the hotel is hosting a colorful group of ghost hunters in town for a paranormal conference, and when Archie starts howling into the air vent, it isn t longbeforetheir road trip turns bumpier than an unpaved country lane.

But with Archie s unerring canine instincts and loyal heart, he may help Todd and Emma see the happiness that s waiting just under their noses . . ."


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