You Can't Make Me! : From Chaos to Cooperation in the Elementary Classroom, Paperback / softback Book

You Can't Make Me! : From Chaos to Cooperation in the Elementary Classroom Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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How do you handle defiant, disruptive students?A teacher's most challenging problem is the student who is frequently defiant and disruptive.

These students create problems for themselves and for the classroom as a whole.

In this teacher-friendly guide, Sylvia Rockwell uses her considerable experience to show you how to select and implement the most effective behavioural interventions to address the needs of these problem students while maintaining a cooperative classroom environment.

This book integrates compelling, real-life teaching anecdotes with descriptions of research-based strategies to help students learn appropriate behaviour, both those with emotional/behaviour disorders (EBD) or other disabilities as well as those with other behavioural difficulties.

Special and mainstream education teachers as well as administrators at the elementary level will find this book a vivid, powerful tool to help intervene effectively when behavior problems occur.

Educators will find discussions on how to: * Identify typical and atypical development * Understand group development, including stages, roles, and strategies * Manage class-wide behaviour, addressing conditions, consequences, and curriculum * Understand the behaviour-achievement connection, with specifics on unit and lesson planning * Manage aggression and conflict * Develop resilience in students, teachers, and parentsThis valuable resource also provides classroom-ready materials and other photocopiables, including a unique parent supplement to help parents understand your classroom strategies, work on behaviour problems at home, and communicate effectively with school personnel.


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