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Meet Harold, a young man who occupies a room in a bleak tenement in the edgy Blitz-damaged East End.

Harold's good humour and air of optimism belie the unfortunate circumstances which blighted his childhood, left him orphaned and shaped his view of the world.

An intelligent, resourceful and amiable character, operating around the London hotels and railway stations, he turns luggage lifting into an art form.

When he discovers a stash of letters in a leather steamer, an act of kindness sets off a chain of events which gathers its own momentum and leads to romance.

But the escalation in his criminal activities, together with the finding of a large haul of used banknotes can only spell trouble.

The attention of the police and the menace of the Moretti brothers, who claim the money, coincide, and arrest seems a safer outcome for Harold.

He survives a prison term but soon learns that shaking off his unresolved past is more difficult, especially when trying to do the right thing leads to complications in his love life.

Just when a sense of well-being beckons, matters spiral out of control and push Harold to the brink...


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