The Smurfs: Complete Season Four, DVD DVD

The Smurfs: Complete Season Four DVD


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All 26 episodes from the fourth season of the 1980s animated children's TV show.

The episodes are: 'Symbols of Wisdom/Blue Eyes Returns', 'Secret of the Village Well/Stop and Smurf the Roses', 'The Gingerbread Smurfs/Jokey's Shadow', 'Jokey's Funny Bone/Tick Tock Smurfs', 'The Master Smurf/Tailor's Magic Needle', 'The Traveller/A Pet for Baby Smurf', 'The Incredible Shrinking Wizard', 'Breakfast at Greedy's/The Secret of Shadow Swamp', 'The Trojan Smurf/Smurf the Other Cheek', 'A Float Full of Smurfs/Smurfette's Sweet Tooth', 'Smurf On Wood', 'The Smurfomatic Smurfulator/Petrified Smurfs', 'Papa's Worrywarts/Lazy's Slumber Party', 'The Pussywillow Pixies', 'The Big Nose Dilemma/The Smurfbox Derby', 'A Circus for Baby', 'Babes in Wartland/The Smurf-Walk Cafe', 'The Smurfiest of Friends/Never Smurf Off 'Til Tomorrow', 'Bigmouth Smurf/Baby's Enchanted Didey', 'The Man in the Moon/Smurfette's Golden Tresses', 'The Whole Smurf and Nothing But the Smurf/Gargamel's Giant', 'The Patchwork Bear/Hefty and the Wheelsmurfer', 'Hopping Cough Smurfs/The Little Orange Horse With the Gold Shoes', 'Monster Smurfs/The Bad Place', 'Smurfing for Ghosts/The Gargoyle of Quarrel Castle' and 'Smurfiplication/Gargamel's Miss-Fortune'.