Birds of Paradise : Revealing the World's Most Extraordinary Birds, Hardback Book

Birds of Paradise : Revealing the World's Most Extraordinary Birds Hardback


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Birds of Paradise is destined to be the first-ever popular book to reveal the most exotic birds on earth.

Photographer and National Geographic grantee Tim Laman and co-author Edwin Scholes (ornithologist/leading authority) traveled to the most remote parts of the New Guinea wilderness - the only place these birds occur - to photograph and study their "secret" lives.

The authors' documentation of the appearance, displays, and behaviors of these 39 species of birds has taken years of dedicated fieldwork.

This high quality, large-format photography book will inform and enthrall the book-buying public with images of astonishing beauty, solid yet approachable natural history, and a National Geographic message of conservation.

With universal appeal and a huge cross-platform presence similar to the blockbusters Polar Obsession and March of the Penguins, this brilliant, one-of-a-kind photography book will also have a strong presence in spcial and international sales.