Three Commitments of Leadership: How Clarity, Stability, and Rhythm Create Great Leaders, Hardback Book

Three Commitments of Leadership: How Clarity, Stability, and Rhythm Create Great Leaders Hardback


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BE THE KIND OF LEADER PEOPLE WANT TO WORK WITH"Do you want an engaged and best efforts culture?

Do you want to attract and retain the best people? If your answers to those questions are yes and yes, then I highly recommend you read and you practice The Three Commitments of Leadership."-DOUG LENNICK, CEO, Lennick Aberman Group and author of the internationally acclaimed Moral Intelligence"In The Three Commitments of Leadership, the authors offer safe harbor for those in any leadership role that find themselves in rough seas.

The text is full of memorable wisdom and important stories, well told.

This book moved me; it will move you, too."-MARK BRYAN, bestselling author of The Artist's Way at Work"The authors of Three Commitments of Leadership have distilled the qualities of leadership into an inspiring essence.

You'll not only learn what it takes to become a great leader; you'll learn how to inspire those around you to commit to greatness as well."-DANIEL H.

PINK, author of Drive and A Whole New MindEvery effective leader has his or her own personal style-but they all share one thing in common: Commitment.

They know what commitments to make to motivate their teammates, build more productive organizations, and be the kind of leaders people want to work with. But what exactly are great leaders committed to? The Three Commitments of Leadership delivers the answers that are the foundation of an evolution in the way human beings will lead for the future. Written by a team of learning and development experts, this groundbreaking book provides a leadership model that will help you know where to pay attention, so every action you take has the impact you hope for.

Too many leaders obsess over short-term profits, popularity, and pleasing boards, bosses, and special interests-when they should be obsessing over building lasting relationships and results. TheThree Commitments of Leadership digs deep into what leaders must focus on to truly be exceptional:CLARITY-Creating a common understanding of what success looks likeSTABILITY-Providing the resources people need and building a culture of trustRHYTHM-Fostering a flow of work and an environment that feels naturalIt's simple-but not easy.

Globalization, competition, and shrinking margins are making it tougher than ever to operate without deep engagement from every member of every team.

The solution is a tenacious dedication to a straightforward way of leading that produces the outcomes you need and turns every teammate into a fellow leader, too.


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