The Promise of the Child, Paperback / softback Book

The Promise of the Child Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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'among the most significant works of science fiction released in recent years' TOR.COMAn extraordinarily inventive and hugely original SF novel that charts a compelling vision of a future and spins an hypnotic narrative around it.

A novel that could command the same amount of attention and furore that met the publication of The Quantum Thief.

The richness and originality of its vision combined with its playful take on hard science make this a novel with real commercial potential that will be talked about for years and should launch a major career in SF. In the far future man has spread out into the galaxy. And diversified. Some have evolved physically into strange new forms, some have become immortal.

Some hark back to the old ways. We have built a glorious new future. One that stretches from the sleepy Old World, to new terraformed planets and Dyson spheres built around artificial suns.

For as long as we can remember (and some have lived 12,000 years) we have delighted in a rich new existence.

Yes there have been wars but we are content in our splendour.

Art is revered, life is easy, death forgotten for many.

But now there are rumours of a bid to oust the Emperor and a worrying story that our history is not as we remember it - not only man left Earth...


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