The Macroeconomics Anti-Textbook : A Critical Thinker's Guide, Paperback / softback Book

The Macroeconomics Anti-Textbook : A Critical Thinker's Guide Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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Mainstream textbooks present economics as an objective science, free from value judgements.

This book demonstrates this to be a myth - one which serves to make such textbooks not only off-puttingly bland, but also dangerously misleading in their justification of the status quo and neglect of alternatives. In this much-needed companion volume to the popular Microeconomics Anti-Textbook, Tony Myatt reveals how the blind spots and methodological problems present in microeconomics continue to exert their influence in mainstream macroeconomics.

From a flawed conception of the labour market, to a Pollyana view of the financial sector, macroeconomic principles as they are set out in conventional undergraduate textbooks consistently fail to set out a realistic, useful, or equitable framework for understanding the world. By summarising and then critically evaluating the major topics found in a typical macroeconomics textbook, the Anti-Textbook lays bare their sins of omission and commission, showing where hidden value judgements are made and when contrary evidence and alternative theories are ignored.

The Macroeconomics Anti-Textbook is the student's essential guide to decoding mainstream macroeconomic textbooks, and demonstrating how real-world economics are much more interesting than most economists are willing to let on.


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