Questions Kids Ask About Their Brains : Answers That Help Students Learn and Teachers Teach, Paperback / softback Book

Questions Kids Ask About Their Brains : Answers That Help Students Learn and Teachers Teach Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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Great teachers will tell you that you can learn a lot about students from the questions they ask.

This book shares 400 of the most important questions kids ask about their brains, along with answers that can be shared with students from ages 3 to 18.

What hidden talents do I have? Where does our inner voice come from? How many things can we think of at the same time? Where does the brain keep memories? Why are some people more creative than others? Each of these questions tells teachers a little story about how their students think which can be used to inform classroom practice and improve learning outcomes.

The book is grouped into two parts. Part I addresses how your brain makes you who you are (identity, structure, growth, function, emotions and feelings).

Part II is about how to optimize its function (memory, attention, and executive functions; learning, excelling and roadblocks).

Questions are followed by Big Ideas, which are key understandings of how the brain functions.

Integrated throughout the book are more than 60 Implications For Teaching that spell out the usable knowledge from each section.

Each chapter ends with a list of resources to reinforce the Big Ideas with students, and the closing chapter suggests specific activities to help students embrace this information for themselves.

Whether you are a teacher, counselor, college student, parent, or kid, the information in this book will help you love and admire your own brain and feel empowered to improve it every day. Book Features:A window into students' thoughts and concerns about themselves as learners and beings in today's complex world. A special chapter for classroom teachers with activities and guidance for integrating the information into P–12 lessons. Big Ideas for readers looking for solutions they can quickly implement in their classroom. Detailed answers, along with QR codes to the research articles behind them, for readers looking for more in-depth knowledge about learning and the brain. Insights from a year-long international study in 21 countries that asked kids what they wanted to know about their own brains.


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