Surprise, Strategy and `Vijay` : 20 Years of Kargil and Beyond, Hardback Book

Surprise, Strategy and `Vijay` : 20 Years of Kargil and Beyond Hardback


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Talks about the lesser known facts and accounts of the intrusions and the war from various commanders and officers, some of whom have also served during the conflict.

The book has been divided into five parts. The first part titled, 'Blood, Guts and Glory,' briefly discusses the actual battles fought in Dras, Mushkoh, Batalik, Kaksar and Turtuk sub-sectors, to evict the Pakistani intruders from the dominating heights in the Kargil region.

The aim was to restore the LoC to its originally held positions.

The second part analyses the supporting forces which synergised the effort to victory, in the true spirit of 'Op Vijay'.

In the third part, individual officers, associated with Kargil, have shared their perceptions and opinions about the Kargil conflict and the scenario after 20 years.

The fourth part focuses on 'Motivation;' and reflects the saga of courage and valour of the Indian Armed Forces, and the junior leadership, during the summer of 1999.

The fifth part, 'Emerging Challenges and the Way Ahead' looks at the emerging global-cum-regional scenario, the envisaged threats, our preparedness, and makes substantial recommendations to face the conflicts of the future. The forecasts provided by some of the most senior military officers of the country give a sneak peek into the emerging challenges of the future and India's preparatory responses to them.

Given the emerging world order and the revolutionary changes in technology and character of conflicts, the book restates the fundamental focus of the Indian Armed forces: to be prepared to face the envisaged threats and challenges of the future.