Snakes of the World : A Catalogue of Living and Extinct Species, Hardback Book

Snakes of the World : A Catalogue of Living and Extinct Species Hardback


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Snakes of the World: A Catalogue of Living and Extinct Species-the first catalogue of its kind-covers all living and fossil snakes described between 1758 and 2012, comprising 3,509 living and 274 extinct species allocated to 539 living and 112 extinct genera.

Also included are 54 genera and 302 species that are dubious or invalid, resulting in recognition of 705 genera and 4,085 species. Features: Alphabetical listings by genus and speciesIndividual accounts for each genus and speciesDetailed data on type specimens and type localitiesAll subspecies, synonyms, and proposed snake namesDistribution of species by country, province, and elevationDistribution of fossils by country and geological periodsMajor taxonomic references for each genus and speciesAppendix with major references for each countryComplete bibliography of all references cited in text and appendixIndex of 12,500 primary snake namesThe data on type specimens includes museum and catalog number, length and sex, and collector and date.

The listed type localities include restrictions and corrections.

The bibliography provides complete citations of all references cited in the text and appendix, and taxonomic comments are given in the remarks sections.

This standard reference supplies a scientific, academic, and professional treatment of snakes-appealing to conservationists and herpetologists as well as zoologists, naturalists, hobbyists, researchers, and teachers.


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