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Mixed martial arts action drama, starring Nick Nolte and Tom Hardy, in which a fractured family relationship is tested even further when two estranged brothers enter the same prestigious fighting competition.

Tommy Conlon (Hardy) and his brother, Brendan (Joel Egerton), are the children of former boxer and recovering alcoholic Paddy Conlon (Nolte) - and both have issues with him.

Tommy, tortured by his recent experience as a soldier, reconnects with his father to some extent when he enlists him as his coach for the upcoming Sparta mixed martial arts competition, which Tommy hopes to win in order to be able to give the prize money to the family of a fallen comrade.

Brendan, in contrast, needs the money to provide for his wife and children after losing his job.

How will the brothers cope if the tournament forces them to go against the fraternal bond and do battle?


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