White Gold, DVD DVD


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All six episodes of the BBC comedy starring Ed Westwick, Joe Thomas and James Buckley as 1980s window salesmen.

Set in Essex in 1983, the show follows Vincent Swan (Westwick), Martin Lavender (Thomas) and Brian Fitzpatrick (Buckley) as they try to use their smarts and charm to sell cheap double glazing.

Vincent is the charismatic leader of the showroom, who is cheating on his wife, and will do anything to secure a sale of white gold, but it's not all on the up in Vincent's life in the booming '80s as past misdeeds come back to haunt him.

The episodes are: 'Salesmen Are Like Vampires', 'Sexy Rollercoasters', 'Close Encounters', 'The Widow Maker', 'Smell the Weakness' and 'The Secret of Sales'.


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