Health and Wellness in Antiquity Through the Middle Ages, Hardback Book

Health and Wellness in Antiquity Through the Middle Ages Hardback

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Early medical practices are not just a historical curiosity, but real stories about people and health that may teach us much about the 21st century.

This intriguing volume offers a comparative examination of early medicine and health care in regions as varied as ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, China, the Islamic world, and medieval Europe. Health and Wellness in Antiquity through the Middle Ages compares and contrasts health-care practices in seven different cultures from around the world.

In considering the range of medical practitioners in each society, and the kinds of health care they provided, it examines the development of a written medical tradition, the methods of medical education, the practice of surgery, and the theories and practices of pharmacy.

Other topics include the application of medicine in specific contexts, such as the treatment of women, children, and those with mental illness.

Another important theme explored is the impact of religion and state institutions on the development, implementation, and results of medical care as experienced by real people in real life.

Throughout, the book offers an international historical perspective, which allows for greater comparative and critical understanding of how different cultural beliefs influenced the development and management of health care. Excerpts from significant original texts to illustrate the concepts discussedIllustrations drawn from many different ancient and medieval cultures portraying health care providers and the treatment of patientsPhotographs depicting medical instruments and medicinal herbsA bibliography that puts special emphasis on identifying English-language translations of original documents for those who would like to read the primary materials themselves


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