Wolf Creek: The Complete First Series, DVD DVD


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All six episodes from the first series of the spin-off to the 2005 Australian horror film.

In this series, menacing serial killer Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) continues to stalk tourists travelling through the outback and the American Thorogood family has caught his attention.

When 19-year-old daughter Eve (Lucy Fry) escapes Mick's massacre of her family she decides to stay in the outback to get her revenge on the crazed killer.

Her search for vengeance against Mick and justice for his many victims takes her all across the country as the police and Detective Sullivan Hill (Dustin Clare) continue their own investigation.

The episodes are: 'Billabong', 'Kutyukutyu', 'Salt Lake', 'Opalville', 'Rome' and 'Wolf Creek'.