Navigating Remarkable Communication Experiences of Sexual Minorities, Hardback Book

Navigating Remarkable Communication Experiences of Sexual Minorities Hardback


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Navigating Remarkable Communication Experiences of Sexual Minorities investigates and theorizes the unique and crucial communication experiences of sexual minority people in a heteronormative society.

Using qualitative and quantitative data, the authors examine messages and message processes of four communication experiences that have personal and relational impacts on lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) people.

The book identifies different scripts of coming out, strategies for sexual orientation disclosure and concealment, and common topics discussed by same-sex couples when making relationship revelation decisions.

Data presented in this book shows that people communicate their sexual orientation in various ways, influencing their mental health and relationship outcomes.

To explain why people create different coming out messages, the authors propose a Theory of Coming Out Message Production, which identifies personal, relational, cultural, and situational factors that affect LGB individuals' sexual orientation disclosure.

This book includes practical guidelines for LGB people to better prepare and enact difficult conversations in various relational contexts.

Scholars of sexuality studies and communication studies will find this book particularly interesting.


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