Python How-To, Hardback Book

Python How-To Hardback


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A practical collection of the most important Python techniques.

For beginning to intermediate Python programmers. Python How-To by Yong Cui, walks you through the most important coding techniques in Python.

Whether you are doing data science, building web applications, or writing admin scripts, you will find answers to your “how-to” questions in this book.

Author Yong Cui's clear and practical writing is perfect for beginners and veterans alike, with insightful code snippets, interesting graphics, and challenging exercises. Python How-To includes over 60 detailed answers to questions like: How do I join and split strings?How do I access dictionary keys, values, and items?How do I set and use the return value in function calls?How do I process JSON data?How do I create lazy attributes to improve performance?How do I change variables in a different namespace?... and much more Along the way, you will also learn how to take advantage of Python's versatile tools and libraries. About the technology No matter where you are on your Python journey, you will run into situations where you ask yourself: “How do I do that?” This book provides concrete answers to the most common questions in areas such as manipulating text, working with collections, managing objects and functions, file management, etc.


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