Yu Gi Oh GX: Season 1, DVD DVD

Yu Gi Oh GX: Season 1 DVD

Starring Matthew Charles, Wayne Grayson, Ted Lewis, Eric Stuart, Tony Salerno

Directed by Hatsuki Tsuji



First season of the anime spin-off and sequel to the original 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' anime, containing the first 52 episodes.

Set a generation into the future, the series revolves around a boy named Jaden Yuki (voice of Matthew Charles) as he begins his life at the new Duel Academy on a stretch of remote coastline in Japan, established so that students can train to become master duelists.

Despite his natural gift for duelling, Jaden is initially put into the lowest rank of Osiris Red, but he continues to test his skills against the students and faculty to prove his worth as a Yousei Duelist and earn the respect of everyone around him.

The episodes are: 'The One Who Inherits the Game', 'Flame Wingman', 'Etoile Cyber', '5 Polymers!

VWXYZ', 'A Dark Demon Deck', 'The Miracle of Winged Kuriboh', 'Sho's Vehicle Deck', 'Strongest!

Cyber End Dragon', 'One Blow Certain Kill! Flipping the Table', 'Judai & Sho! Tag Duel: Part 1', 'Judai & Sho! Tag Duel: Part 2', 'Oxygen + Hydrogen = H2O Dragon', 'Wild Release!

SAL Duel!', 'Vs Psycho Shocker!?', 'Duel Tennis of Youth', 'King Goblin of the Dark Night', 'Draw!

Draw! Draw!', 'Vs Yugi's Deck: Part 1', 'Vs Yugi's Deck: Part 2', 'The Strong Deck With the Maiden in Love!', 'Fusion Seal!

Judai Vs Misawa: Part 1', 'Summon Wildman! Judai Vs Misawa: Part 2', 'Exhaustion! Moke Moke Duel', 'Revival! Manjoume Thunder', 'Vs Manjoume Thunder: Part 1 - Threat of Armed Dragon', 'Vs Manjoume Thunder: Part 2 - Armed Dragon LV7', 'The Extracurricular Class Is a Dark Duel?!: Part 1', 'The Extracurricular Class Is a Dark Duel?!: Part 2', 'Vs Darkness: Part 1 - Challenge of the Red Eyes Black Dragon', 'Vs Darkness: Part 2 - Attack of the Red Eyes Darkness Dragon', 'Cronos Vs Vampire Camula', 'Kaiser Vs Camula - The Phantom Gate Activates!', 'Shine!

Shining Flare Wingman', 'Hot Springs Sentiments! Blue Eyes White Dragon', 'Union of Brothers! Ojama Delta Hurricane', 'Misawa Vs Amazoness! Marrying for a Son-in-Law Duel', 'Human Bullet Duel!

Amazoness Death Ring', 'Underwater Duel! The Legendary City Atlantis', 'Detective Thunder Vs The Black Scorpion Grave Robber Organisation', 'H-E-R-O Flash!', 'The Dark Arena Activates!

Asuka Vs Titan', 'School Festival Duel! Blamagigirl Intrudes', 'A Second Love Chance for Asuka!?', 'The Shadow of the Seventh', 'Vs Amnael!

Absolute Seal of E-Hero', 'Earth/Water/Fire/Wind Fusion!

Elixirer', 'Asuka Vs Manjoume! Cyber Angel Benten', 'Vs Kagemaru: Part 1 - Two Phantom Demons', 'Vs Kagemaru: Part 2 - Three Phantom Demons Awakens', 'Hayato Vs Cronos!

Ayers Rock Sunrise', 'Vs Kaiser: Part 1 - Power Bond x Cyber End' and 'Vs Kaiser: Part 2 - Final Fusion'.


  • Format: DVD
  • Region: 2
  • Certification: (PG)
  • EAN: 5022366579247
  • Catalogue number: MANG5792
  • Studio: Manga Entertainment
  • Release date:
  • Genre: Childrens
  • Colour: Colour


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