Driving Continuous Process Safety Improvement From  Investigated Incidents, Hardback Book

Driving Continuous Process Safety Improvement From Investigated Incidents Hardback


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New perspectives on how to successfully drive changes in companies' process safety management systems Simply learning from process safety incidents has proven to be insufficient to drive performance improvements.

To truly change, organizations must seek out & embed learnings in their programs & systems.

This book picks up from previous CCPS books, Incidents That Define Process Safety and Investigating Process Safety Incidents. This important book: Offers guidelines for improving process safety performance by embedding the lessons learned from publicly available investigationsRecommends a continuous improvement learning model focused on organizational learningProvides examples for using the model's techniques to drive continuous improvements Contains an index of more than 400 investigated incidents and introduces the concept of Drilldown to help find lessons that might not have been mentioned before. Written for safety professionals and process safety consultants, Driving Continuous Process Safety Improvement from Investigated Incidents is a hands-on guide for adopting a model for successfully driving the learnings from process safety incident investigations.