Palestinian Citizens of Israel : A History Through Fiction, 1948-2010, Hardback Book

Palestinian Citizens of Israel : A History Through Fiction, 1948-2010 Hardback

Part of the Alternative Histories series


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This book uses the methodology of sociology and literary studies to come to terms with the reality of Palestinian citizens of Israel across several generations.

It explores the evolution of Palestinian identity from one that struggled for independence and self-determination up to 1948, to one that now presses the call for civil rights and civic equality.

What were the forces that shaped this transformation over six decades? Traditional sociological research on this community focusses on the structural relationships between Israel and its Palestinian citizens.

Primarily concerned with the political discourse and activism of this community, it mostly makes use of party agendas, voting patterns and opinion polls as primary indicators.

In contrast, this book focuses on the Palestinian voice, through an analysis of the 75 novels published by Palestinian citizens of Israel from 1948 to 2010.

Paying attention to processes that are internal to this community, the author identifies the intellectual and ideological forces that drove major social and political transformations in this community over this period.