Treatise on Process Metallurgy : Volume 3: Industrial Processes, Hardback Book


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Treatise on Process Metallurgy: Volume Three, Industrial Processes provides academics with the fundamentals of the manufacturing of metallic materials, from raw materials into finished parts or products.

In these fully updated volumes, coverage is expanded into four volumes, including Process Fundamentals, encompassing process fundamentals, structure and properties of matter; thermodynamic aspects of process metallurgy, and rate phenomena in process metallurgy; Processing Phenomena, encompassing interfacial phenomena in high temperature metallurgy, metallurgical process phenomena, and metallurgical process technology; Metallurgical Processes, encompassing mineral processing, aqueous processing, electrochemical material and energy processes, and iron and steel technology, non-ferrous process principles and production technologies, and more. The work distills the combined academic experience from the principal editor and the multidisciplinary four-member editorial board.


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