Food Town, USA : Seven Unlikely Cities That Are Changing the Way We Eat, Hardback Book

Food Town, USA : Seven Unlikely Cities That Are Changing the Way We Eat Hardback


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Look at any list of America's top foodie cities and you probably won't find Boise, Idaho or Sitka, Alaska.

Yet they are the new face of the food movement. Healthy, sustainable fare is changing communities across this country, revitalizing towns that have been ravaged by disappearing industries and decades of inequity. What sparked this revolution? To find out, Mark Winne travelled to seven cities not usually considered revolutionary.

He broke bread with brew masters and city council members, farmers and philanthropists, toured start-up incubators and homeless shelters.

What he discovered was remarkable, even inspiring. In Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, once a company steel town, investment in the arts has created a robust new market for local restaurateurs.

In Alexandria, Louisiana, "one-stop shopping" food banks help clients apply for health insurance along with SNAP benefits.

In Jacksonville, Florida, aeroponics are bringing fresh produce to a food desert. Over the course of his travels, Winne experienced the power of individuals to transform food and the power of food to transform communities.

The cities of Food Town, USA remind us that innovation is ripening all across the country, especially in the most unlikely places.