Nutraceuticals : Sources, Processing Methods, Properties, and Applications, Paperback / softback Book

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Nutraceuticals: Sources, Processing Methods, Properties, and Applications explores the impact of nutraceutical compounds on human health and their main pharmacological contributions. Organized into three parts, this book addresses nutraceutical production, applications for disease prevention and treatment, and current trends, especially the role of nutraceuticals in cosmeceutical.

Nutraceuticals are a class of products that can help people improve their health, reduce the risk of disease, extend their lives, and control the structure and functioning of their bodies.

However, due to multiple hurdles that prevent nutraceuticals from circulating in an active form in the body, their use is associated with diminished therapeutic efficacy.

Recognizing this problem, the book explores the root of the nutraceutical delivery system and its codelivery methods with a focus on medicines.

With contributions from experienced nutraceutical experts, this book serves as a valuable reference for nutrition researchers, food scientists, pharmacologists, and those who are researching and studying in related areas.


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